Environmental Ingenious Cobalt Chloride Free Humidity Indicator Card
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Environmental Ingenious Cobalt Chloride Free Humidity Indicator Card

    The Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) is a convenient and affordable way to monitor the moisture levels in the surrounding environment. By observing the color change on the card, we can determine the humidity inside the packaging. If the humidity reaches or exceeds the designated level, the dot on the card will transition from a dry color to a wet color. This allows us to easily assess the effectiveness of the desiccant being used.
    The HIC is made from 0.4mm thick blotting paper. We offer customization options for humidity indicator cards with varying humidity levels, including 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%.
Our HIC meets the standards set by JEDEC J-STD-033 and GJB2494-95.
  • Blue to Pink


Product Description

  Humidity Indicator Cards are small paper instruments designed to monitor relative humidity levels. Available in numerous configurations, cards indicate relative humidity as low as 5 percent and as high as 95 percent, depending on the application and need.
  There are two main types of humidity indicator cards: reversible and irreversible. Reversible humidity indicator cards work much like a thermometer, fluctuating to indicate the current relative humidity level. Maximum, or  irreversible cards are designed to indicate the highest relative humidity level to which goods have been exposed.

humidity indicator card


Industries use

Civilian use


  • Convenient to use;

  • Easy to observe;

  • Lead-free RoHS compliant;

  • High sensitivity;

  • Low-cost;

  • Quickly determine humidity (when indication point turns to be purple which is between blue and pink,the number of indication point will be the environment humidity at present); effective moisture proof.


  With a history of 18 years in the desiccant industry, Topcod has successfully served over 1500 customers up until 2019. Moreover, we have forged enduring partnerships with over 100 renowned enterprises and brands.

humidity levels


  • We offer tailored specifications.

  • Our team of experienced quality control experts guarantees an improved product for you.

  • We follow a professional standard operating procedure from the initial raw materials to the final product.

  • We conduct rigorous inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

  • We conduct a thorough 100% inspection prior to shipping.


  Passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.

humidity indicator card


  With over two decades of experience in the desiccant industry, we are a technologically advanced company that combines scientific research, production, marketing, technical services, packaging consulting, quality testing, and moisture-proofing solutions. We have developed our own wrapping paper for desiccants called Detuch paper, which is environmentally friendly, waterproof, dustproof, smooth, and lint-free. Our workshop proudly displays over 200 desiccant machines. We have sales and branch services in Foshan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Germany, all of which are equipped to meet your requirements. Our expertise also extends to research and development, where we actively participate in the formulation and revision of industry and national standards for desiccants and oxygen absorbers. We organize conferences with leading enterprises in various industries to provide professional solutions.

active clay desiccant G


  • Raw material inspection

  • In processing inspection

  • Final inspection

  • Outgoing inspection

humidity indicator card



  • Q What's the lead time?

    A 5-7 days after payment checked, big qty will be negotiated.
  • Q Do you offer free sample?

    A Yes, free sample available, freight collected.
  • Q What is your MOQ?

    A  1 carton
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Topcod Industry hopes to cooperate with customers all over the world for mutual developments and benefits for win-win business.

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