Vacuum Sealing Bag
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Vacuum Sealing Bag

Vacuum sealing creates a modified atmosphere within the package. For sealants intended for domestic use, the adjusted atmosphere contains less oxygen. Removing air with the vacuum sealer reduces the oxygen content of the box. Because of the lower oxygen level, fresh goods can be stored for extended periods. The shelf-life is significantly extended when combined with desiccants or oxygen absorbers.

Vacuum bag material is made of PA / PE composite, both tensile properties and puncture resistance are quite good. Its advantages not only have the barrier of metal, but also make up for the shortcomings of metal susceptible to corrosion, both the transparency of glass, but also overcome the shortcomings of glass fragile, both the lightness of paper, but also make up for the defects of paper susceptible to moisture, moreover, it has all the properties of ordinary film. The vacuum bag has a wide range of uses and can keep the characteristic flavor of the product without losing, prevent the oxidation of grease, prevent grease penetration, and keep the outer packaging clean. It can be used for meat products, seafood, mixed grain series, dried fruit series products, etc.

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