Flat bottom Aluminium Foil Bag for chemicals
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Flat bottom Aluminium Foil Bag for chemicals

Product Description

Product Description:

Moisture barrier bags, also known as foil bags, metallized bags and sometimes Mylar bags (from Dupont), provide moisture, corrosion and shielding protection for sensitive components. They are an effective packaging solutions to protect against corrosive damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aromas, grease and other airborne contaminants. These bags are heat-sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging. Most contain Polyester (PET) for puncture resistance. The metallic layers provide shielding from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

Barrier bags are mainly used to package ESD sensitive devices before they get placed on a circuit board.

Anti-static aluminum foil bags are designed to meet the requirements of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 for the dry packaging of electronic devices. The aluminum foil bags are made from dissipative nylon, foil, and dissipative polyethylene. The anti static aluminum foil bags protect SMD's from moisture and static damage. Flexible structure is easy to vacuum seal.

Detailed Photos:

Aluminium Foil BagsAluminium Foil Bags (5)

Product Parameters:

Depending on vapor barrier requirements, heat seal foil pouches are constructed of materials with three to four layer laminations. They have low MVTR, or moisture vapor transmission rate.

Take 3-layer structure for example:

Thickness 85±10μm (Total thickness of layer of glue and static is 5-10μm) Z
Physical properties Material Parameters
Layer 1 Polyester (PET) 12μm
Layer 2 Aluminum foil (AL) 7μm
Layer 3 Polyethylene (PE) 66μm



  • Q What's the lead time?

    A 5-7 days after payment checked, big qty will be negotiated.
  • Q Do you offer free sample?

    A Yes, free sample available, freight collected.
  • Q What is your MOQ?

    A  1 carton
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