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  • Anti-Static Bag
    What is an Anti-Static Bag?An anti-static bag keeps static charges from interfering with sensitive electrical components. These bags are constructed of polyethene terephthalate plastic and are frequently used to handle and store electrostatic sensitive products.Because polyethene plastic does not c Read More
  • Container Desiccant
    ApplicationShipping container desiccants are essential for protecting cargo from moisture damage during transit. These moisture-absorbing bags prevent condensation inside shipping containers, also known as cargo sweat, container sweat, or container rain, which can create a moist environment that pr Read More
  • Vacuum Sealing Bag
    Vacuum sealing creates a modified atmosphere within the package. For sealants intended for domestic use, the adjusted atmosphere contains less oxygen. Removing air with the vacuum sealer reduces the oxygen content of the box. Because of the lower oxygen level, fresh goods can be stored for extended Read More
  • Electronic Components Three-Piece Set
    This set is designed specifically for electronic accessories. It has a complete three-piece set to protect electronic products, including humidity card, anti-static desiccant, and anti-static bag. Give you a full set of moisture and anti-static servicesESD BAG,it is suitable for packing of PCB, IC a Read More
  • Car Lamp Desiccant
    Tepcod M150 is specially designed for the fogging phenomenon of headlights. And strictly in accordance with the harsh use environment of headlights for innovative research and development. The desiccant for headlights must meet the following key technical requirements:high moisture absorption rate, Read More
  • Silica Gel Desiccant
    Made in Foshan, China, the silica gel packets are desiccant bags that provide moisture and humidity control to protect products from moisture damage during storage and transport. The packets contain small silica gel beads that absorb moisture from the surrounding environment for moisture prevention. Read More
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