Humidity Indicating Sheets Bags 10-60% 6 Spot - Yellow at Green
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Humidity Indicating Sheets Bags 10-60% 6 Spot - Yellow at Green

The Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) is an affordable and user-friendly tool for monitoring humidity levels. By simply observing the color change on the card, we can determine the level of humidity present within the packaging. Each card is equipped with a color indicator that signals a warning when a change occurs, indicating the need to replace the desiccant and ensure optimal conditions.
  • HIC-6 POT Yellow/Green


  • 90258000

6 dots:
Product Description

    Most high-end electronic and instrument equipment such as electronic components and precision optical components are easily affected by moisture, resulting in product corrosion, reduced sensitivity, and even irreversible damage. To avoid the erosion and damage of products by moisture, most products use moisture-proof packaging combinations to protect the products during the packaging stage of the final and semi-finished products. The humidity display card is a convenient and economical material for detecting whether the humidity is within the controlled range. When the sealing bag is opened, the color display on the humidity card can read the data as a basis for monitoring whether the humidity inside the sealed packaging is within the specified humidity range, At the same time, it can also indirectly reflect whether the desiccant inside the sealed packaging has a moisture absorption effect.


Item Description From TOPCOD :

  • REUSABLE: Our humidity cards are designed for reuse. Once the humidity level decreases, the color dots on the card will revert back from yellow to red. Over time, the color of the dots may fade, indicating the need for a replacement card.

  • To accurately gauge the humidity level, specially treated spots on the card change color from yellow (indicating a dry environment) to green (indicating a humid environment).

  • Please ensure that the card does not come into contact with food or medications to maintain its effectiveness.

  • Rest assured, all of TOPCOD's Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) comply with various standards, such as RoHS, CTI, SGS tests, MIL-I-8835A, JEDEC, and GJB2494-95, ensuring their reliability and accuracy.

Humidity Indicator Cards


  • IC/integration/circuit board packaging, food, medicine, warehousing, etc.

  • Packaging of electronic components, optical equipment, and sensitive components.

  • Military products, aerospace products, precision machinery industry.

  • Packaging of other moisture-proof products

Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicator CardsHumidity Indicator Cardsoutput2





  • Q What's the lead time?

    A 5-7 days after payment checked, big qty will be negotiated.
  • Q Do you offer free sample?

    A Yes, free sample available, freight collected.
  • Q What is your MOQ?

    A  1 carton
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