The Importance Of Humidity Indicator Card
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The Importance Of Humidity Indicator Card

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Why is a humidity indicator important? 

A humidity indicator card consists of a mixture of cobalt chloride and magenta. It can vary between blue or magenta depending on the humidity level.

These cards will indicate if humidity is present in an area, but will not tell you the percentage. They will show the maximum humidity level in the container.

If the indicator card in the container turns dark blue, the humidity level is below 10%. Metal products will not rust, and paper and cloth products will not become moldy.

High humidity can damage expensive electronic equipment, such as cameras, camcorders and DSLRs. To prevent damage, these items should be stored in low-humidity areas.

You can order humidity indicatorcards for your company depending on the type of items you are shipping or storing. The company must ensure that the humidity level in the shipping container is less than 10%. To maintain the durability of the products, new storage guidelines were released in 1999.

How do I use the humidity indicator card?

Humidity indicator cards do not change humidity levels.

These cards can be used to alert workers and supervisors to take immediate action if humidity levels rise or product is exposed.

Use the humidity indicator cards in conjunction with desiccant packets to remove moisture from containers. These cards can be used to verify that the packets are working properly.


Desiccants can be described as compounds or reagents, such as silica gel or montmorillonite clay, which absorb moisture from the atmosphere to create a low humidity environment. Desiccants are typically used in the transportation, storage or maintenance of materials or products. They can be used to dry anything from shoes to ammunition.

Humidity indicator cards may be sensitive to humidity. They will remain blue if the humidity level is below a certain relative humidity level. When the humidity level exceeds the relative humidity level, the cobalt chloride reacts with the moisture and turns pink.

Topcod offers a range of highly effective desiccants for more than 60 countries or regions. Order desiccants, humidity indicator cards and ESD bags of VCI products and other useful items from us to ensure that your packaged goods are always in top condition.

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